Cambridgeshire County Council

It's thanks to Cambridgeshire County Council that this progressive transport link has come about, so using the bus is now an even smarter and speedier choice. The busway track - the longest in the world - is made up of two concrete beams with kerbs and guide wheels on the bus connect with the kerb and run along it to steer the bus. Stagecoach and Whippet are the two bus companies running services for the busway.


A well-respected national brand but locally run, Stagecoach has its focus on providing top quality bus services to people in the city of Cambridge and the towns and villages nearby. It's at the forefront of technological developments and has many awards to its name. Stagecoach takes the environment very seriously and all their buses, including those that run on the busway, use a bio fuel mix.


A local business that has been serving the people of Cambridgeshire for nearly a century, Whippet has built up an enviable reputation for friendly service and that personal touch. Their guided buses have Euro 5 and 6 engines, which are among the most environmentally-friendly diesel engines around. The majority have air-conditioning, free WiFi and USB charging. All buses have audio and visual next-stop announcements.